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Champagne and Cannabis: A Pairing Guide to Elevate New Year’s Eve




As 2017 slips away from us, it’s not quite time to start abiding by our New Year’s resolutions. Instead, let’s embrace one of the most elegant, yet classic ways to ring in the new year—grab yourself a flute of sparkling wine. We’ve decided to embrace the idea of “in with the new” by mindfully pairing sparkling wines with cannabis. Here’s to balancing aromas and flavors while watching the ball drop in Times Square. Cheers to 2018!


Extra-Dry Champagne

If you’re lucky enough to find a legitimate bottle of Extra-Dry Champagne made in the Champagne region of France, then this pairing is perfect for your celebration. Avoid pairing Dry and Extra-Dry Champagne with anything sweet. Instead, pull out a flower that will cut through the bitter taste. We suggest the something salty—in particular, a strong cheese variety will do the trick. Ask your budtender for something like Detroit Cheese, LA Cheese or Head Cheese.



Although it is known to be a little dry, Prosecco also bears flavors of apple and lemon. This sweet, yet tart profile can be notoriously paired with foods like sushi and shrimp. We found that pairing the famed sparkling wine from Italy, Prosecco is best with a buttery flavor of flower. Although it was truly buttery, we found that Butter OG also matched the lemony and indulgent waves of Prosecco, which was a great way to soften the palate after a taste of the dry, mildly sweet drink.



This sparkling wine has a romantic appearance, and its flavor is undeniably reminiscent of red berries. Give into the temptation by pairing your Rosé with a delicious chocolate, berry-flavored treat. If you’re into edibles, the Punch C-90 Blackberry Dark Chocolate Bar is beyond delicious. The non-psychoactive nature of the CBD chocolate bar will also provide you with calming effects of CBD without getting you “cross-faded.” If a THC-rich flower is preferred, something sweet like Chocolate Thai has a distinct sweetness and was reported as the perfect flower for social gatherings.


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