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Celebrating 10 years of CULTURE




Longtime fans of CULTURE have seen a clear evolution of our magazine throughout the years. Many changes have occurred, and even more monumental events have happened in the cannabis industry since our first issue debuted to the world. It was in June 2009 that CULTURE’s first issue became available, and we want to thank all of our readers for enjoying our content!

CULTURE began as a medical cannabis-only magazine. Back then, recreational cannabis was not yet legal and the existing stereotypes surrounding cannabis culture were still widely present. On the cover of Issue 1, we asked two important questions. “Can marijuana prevent cancer?” was one of them, a popular topic of discussion. Fortunately, our second question, “Will marijuana finally be legal in California?” finally has an answer.

First and foremost, CULTURE has always offered news. The news from 2009 is familiar but expectedly dated. Issue 1 contains California-based stories about Los Angeles closing dispensary loopholes and how a Northern California grower got a 10-year prison term. It also contains notes of how the Illinois Senate passed a bill to allow those with serious medical conditions to use cannabis as medicine. But the main focus, of course, is questioning what the future might hold for California as a recreational cannabis state. “With so many politicians stepping forward to bravely discuss the topic, the prospects for California’s believers in the benefits of marijuana are bright than ever,” wrote author Jasen T. Davis. Little did the CULTURE team know how Colorado would end up becoming the first state to legalize recreational cannabis years later.

CULTURE became well-known for its strain reviews, which back in 2009 were called “Strain of the Month.” Classic strains such as Bubba Kush, Hindu Kush, L.A. Confidential, Super Sour NYC, Bullrider and Purple Erkel were featured to display an array of popular indica, sativa and hybrid varieties. Since then, CULTURE reviewers have reviewed close to 5,000 products, including edibles and concentrates in addition to flower.

Most importantly, Issue 1 features the introduction of our first cover feature—B-Real from Cypress Hill. He spoke with author Brooke Ellis about activism, President Barack Obama and of course, how far cannabis has come. “For so long, all the information in regards to all of [cannabis’] uses—aside from just smoking it—has been suppressed. Basically it’s important to know all about it,” he told CULTURE. “Now, given the state of the economy, people are more open to learning what it’s about because they know it’s been the No. 1 cash crop in America, second to none. Everybody talks about it. It’s definitely time for these guys in Congress, the Senate and the feds to start recognizing what’s going on, because they need a new revenue stream to put a dent in the deficit. I think it’s that time, when people need to open their minds to the possibility of legalization. For all of is benefits, not just to help the economy, but the medical aspects as well.”

Now CULTURE has celebrated 10 years and over 100 issues of unique, cannabis lifestyle content. Exclusive interviews with over 100 celebrities sharing their thoughts and ventures into the industry. Countless news stories covering the most important news every month. Now in the cannabis content game for more than a decade, CULTURE is excited to see what the future brings.