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CBD Softgels





Available wherever POP Naturals products are carried.

The new standard for “medical” in medical cannabis has to be POP Naturals’ CBD Softgels. Each translucent gold, high-quality, pure gel capsule contains 17.6 milligrams of CBD and 2.3 milligrams of THC, and can treat certain types of pain, inflammation and seizure disorders—with very low or no psychoactivity. For some patients with epilepsy, products like these can give them back their normal lives. POP Naturals prides itself on the purity of its process, as well as its precise lab-testing, which had been lacking from many medical marijuana products. The California-based POP Naturals team uses pesticide-free cannabis, and an all-natural carbon dioxide-only extraction method. The high-CBD oil is then processed and placed into grapeseed oil and encased in soft gelatin. One Softgel is one dose, and effects can take up to two hours to be felt.

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