• Perfect Love Song Lisa Prank

    Perfect Love Song Lisa Prank Father/Daughter Records   Three years since her full-length debut, garage punk/power pop singer Lisa Prank has returned with a fun, catchy follow up

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  • III The Lumineers

    III The Lumineers Dualtone Music   Three years since the release of its sophomore album, Cleopatra, Denver folk rock/Americana band The Lumineers return with perhaps the most

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  • Billion Dollar Dimebag

    Billion Dollar Dimebag Jackson D. Tilley Post Hill Press   Sobriety in the cannabis industry is an intriguing subject. While drug recovery centers are increasingly embracing cannabis

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  • Midsommar

    Midsommar Dir. Ari Aster A24   From the mind that delivered the twisted darkness of Hereditary, comes a new terror, just in time for Halloween, in the form the brilliant and

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  • Chastity Belt

    Chastity Belt Chastity Belt Hardly Art   After a few months of hiatus and a few more months of writing and recording, Seattle, Washington’s Chastity Belt has arrived with yet

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  • Fear Inoculum

    Fear Inoculum Tool RCA Records   After 13 years, 1990s prog-metal group Tool has arrived with its highly anticipated fifth studio album, Fear Inoculum. Keeping its feet firmly

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  • Booksmart

    Booksmart Dir. Olivia Wilde United Artists Releasing   Coming-of-age, teen party comedies are a well-trodden territory. However, it’s been rare over the years that they’ve tried

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  • The Complete Cannabis Cookbook

    The Complete Cannabis Cookbook Grant Horton Pub. Independently Published   It’s time to get biblical! After all, author Grant Horton believes that cannabis “must be God’s way

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