• Up in Jokes

    For these comics, laughter is the best (marijuana) medicine   By David Burton   Ask any successful standup comic: Comedy and cannabis are a natural pairing, like Martin and Lewis or pears and

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  • I Want My . . . VH1?

    Launched in 2004 off of the success of their I Love the... series, VH1’s Best Week Ever wasn’t just a way to reminisce about things that had happened in the past seven days; it also served as a

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  • Snoop Dogg

    From his trendsetting release in 1992, Doggystyle, to his cameo appearances on Half Baked, Weeds and Entourage, Snoop Dogg’s exhibited the uncanny ability to make himself an everyday pop culture

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  • 30th Annual Ragga Muffins Festival

    Forget St. Valentine’s Day. The real reason to get goose bumps in the middle of February has nothing to do with chocolate-dipped strawberries and overpriced roses. It’s strictly roots, baby,

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  • Musink

    Finally, a tattoo show that truly rocks. Sure, the sheer number (more than 300 in fact) of world-famous tattoo artists who will be part of Musink is enough to make your skin crawl. But it’s the

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  • Joe Rogan

    “I’ve got to put a CD out because nobody even knows I’m a f**king comedian, I’ve got a real problem,” says Joe Rogan on his 2007 debut album, Shiny Happy Jihad. A few more people might know

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  • Blinking Man

    Travis Barker remains a man of many bands and many talents By Paul Rogers     Travis Barker’s life is a book waiting to be written. The Blink-182 drummer, a SoCal boy through-and-through, has

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