After the storms in early September, the weather cleared up a bit. During the inclement, cloudy and clammy weather, powdery mildew and grey mold attacked the ripening colas. All of the fungicides I

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  • On the Deck VI

    The angle of the sun changes dramatically between late August and late September. The plants on the deck that were brightly lit during the summer lost their direct exposure to the sun. By early

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  • On the Deck V

     By this point, the plants have switched from vegetative growth to flowering. At about the same time I stripped all of the lower leaves and branches, known as the underbrush, because they were

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  • First-Time Growing

    It’s easy to forget sometimes, in this modern cannabis landscape of hash oils and infused sodas, of concentrates and packaged THC-laced chocolate bars that all this goodness comes from a plant.

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  • On the Deck III

     The three Triple X plants are thriving in the wick system on the deck. They are watered only once or twice a week, about every five days. No water is poured on the top of the soil; it is poured

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    The three plants are thriving in the wick system and they are growing phenomenally. Over the last month they have filled in the canopy and have grown two feet taller. The plants are all healthy and

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  • ON THE DECK I Growing Culture

    On May 8, I got around to planting my outdoor container garden. I travel a lot, sometimes I’m away for a week or more, and am not always around to water my garden. I wanted to plant a garden that

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