Cartier OG Available at: So Cal Health Supplies Delivery in Los Angeles.

Presumably this strain is named after the famed French jeweler of the same name, given the diamond-like shimmering flower exterior which makes Cartier OG equally dazzling. Show someone special you really care with the gift of a sparkling Cartier OG nugget to adorn his or her stash. Cartier OG is one of the most underrated strains that can be found in the Los Angeles area, and it is often overlooked among strains with flashy names. It is frequently found at the top of the list in top-shelf flower menus at various local dispensaries. With a sweet pungent smell, the strain delivers strong indica effects that are perfect for a late-night evening in front of the fireplace. Its piney and earthy flavor is common in OG varieties. Cartier OG is useful to those who are looking for relief from insomnia, anxiety and chronic pain.

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