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Cannabis Companies Rise to Support of Breast Cancer Awareness




It’s October, and one of this month’s themes is Breast Cancer Awareness. Many years have passed since awareness for this type of cancer has grown. In this year alone, the National Breast Cancer Foundation, Inc. states that 268,600 new cases of breast cancer will be diagnosed in women in the U.S. This year, an estimated 41,760 women will die from the disease. Although this number is dire, it’s important to note that with modern medicine, an estimated 3.5 million people who have breast cancer will survive. Fortunately, cannabis can play a big part in helping both women and men beat cancer and live to advocate its use.

Olivia-Newton John is just one among countless women who have found relief from breast cancers and the symptoms that it brings. Now, other cannabis companies are joining in on the support as well.

Platinum is donating a portion of the money gained from sales of its new themed vape cartridge toward women currently battling breast cancer. The cartridge is a Pink Kush indica product that will benefit the Shades of Pink Foundation CA and Shades of Pink Foundation (sold only in California and Michigan). Both of these organizations also offer financial assistance to women who need help to obtain treatment. The company will also launch efforts to support animal rescue, world hunger, veteran support and many other causes as well.

Shango is also joining the effort with its pink merchandise sales at three dispensaries in Oregon and Nevada. One-hundred percent of the proceeds will be given to Breast Friends of Oregon and Ink Ribbon Foundation in Las Vegas, Nevada. Products included in this offer include unisex T-shirts, grinders, rolling trays and lighters. “Shango believes in building long-term relationships with purposeful local charities,” said Brandon Rexroad, Founder/CEO of Shango. “We identify charities that are in the same geographic area as our dispensaries. This helps us become part of the fundraising while getting to know those who work for that charity.”

One dispensary in Jamaica called Epican Jamaica has altered its logo to reflect a pink cannabis leaf in honor of those fighting the disease. “We have decided to stand in solidarity with those affected by the disease because the fight requires a village, it requires a team, strong support and consistent positive reinforcement,” said Jermaine Bibbon, the dispensary’s head of marketing. “Here at Epican we understand the challenges that accompany this disease and pledge our commitment to doing all we can to help shoulder the burden.” It will also be offering a special line of T-shirts and announced that its staff will be participating in this year’s ICWI Pink Run.

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