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Cannabis cocktail mixer produced in Seattle




Le HErbeThe newest cannabis product entering the scene comes from Le Herbe, a new beverage company that offers a few unique cannabis-infused drinks such as its newest addition, No. 55, which is a 1.7 fluid ounce bottle cannabis cocktail mixer. No. 55 doesn’t contain any alcohol, but it is infused with 10mg of THC and “a blend of smoked citrus, cloves, cardamom & maple water” that is meant to be used as a pre-meal pick-me-up. Le Herbe also recommends that it be used as a shooter or shot, offered on the rocks or mixed with rum or bourbon.

Although Le Herbe has only recently begun selling its cannabis cocktail mixer, the company was actually established in 2014 in Seattle, Washington. During that same year, the first licenses in the state were issued to producers, processors and retailers. Le Herbe was officially launched as a private company, and by 2015 it had already begun developing cannabis beverages and tinctures. Since then, Le Herbe has made licensing agreements in Arizona, Washington, Colorado, California, Oregon and Nevada, with an additional presence in Australia, Jamaica and Amsterdam.

Le Herbe also offers a couple of other new beverages, including an unsweetened Cold Brew Coffee that contains all-natural ingredients, including single origin coffee beans, natural spring water and chicory and vanilla bean flavors, as well as an extra 10mg of THC. The company’s Green Tea is also unsweetened, bringing traditional flavors infused with another 10mg of THC and a bit of kiwi extract. Lastly, Le Herbe is taking a note from the traditional benefits of coconut water and infusing that with 10mg of THC as well.

Le Herbe prides itself in offering customers great products that are made from organic materials. The company is led by cannabis advocates, and when using THC in their products, they ensure that only the best cannabis strains are used and are free of GMOs, pesticides and herbicides.

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