Cannabis Businesses in Jamaica One Step Closer to Being Licensed

Cannabis BusinessesConditional approval has been given for permits to three applicants for cannabis cultivation and processing in Jamaica. The Cannabis Licensing Authority (CLA) sent out a news release on February 14, according to the Jamaica Gleaner, which shared that the applicants are one step closer to obtaining an official license to begin cultivating and processing cannabis.

According to Scientist Dr. Henry Lowe in Jamaica, “ . . . everyone was told, come December 31st, licenses would be issued.” Dr. Lowe explained that many people were concerned about the delay. They didn’t to fall behind other countries like the United States and Germany in rolling out its regulatory framework for cannabis businesses.

CLA Chariman Cindy Lightbourne shot down any notion that the CLA took an excessive amount of time to begin processing applications for cannabis businesses in Jamaica. “At the outset, the authority mapped the application process and noted that the processing of conditional approvals could take up to six months, provided all relevant information was supplied,” Lightbourne said in a release. “In several instances, information has not been requested by the authority to help verify applications and any delay by applicants in providing this requested information adds to the processing timelines.”

There was a fourth applicant being considered for a permit, but they ended up being denied a permit by the CLA. The reason for the applicant being turned down was they were not able to prove their residency in Jamaica, which is set out in the CLA’s regulations.

There were a total of 160 applications submitted to Jamaica’s CLA, according to Jamaica Observer. Although the three applicants are on their way to becoming licensed, they cannot yet open their cannabis businesses. The next steps are for them to have their facilities and vehicles inspected, and they must also be found to have all their taxes paid, leases signed and consent from any property owners to operate a cannabis business.

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