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By the Numbers

By The Numbers – November 2019




Bay Area

The number of surveyed adults who participated in a study on substituting cannabis for prescription drugs, which was conducted by the San Francisco Veterans Affairs Medical Center: 16,280 (Source: PLOS One)

The number of public high schools that were studied by the University of California, San Francisco in analyzing how much tobacco and cannabis products teenagers consumed: 12 (Source: U.S. News)

The amount of money, in millions of dollars, that the state of California is granting to 10 cities to assist with social equity programs: 10 (Source: Desert Sun)

The number of cannabis-related bills that Gov. Gavin Newsom signed in mid-October: 8 (Source: The Sacramento Bee)


The amount of money, in millions of dollars, that was collected in medical and recreational cannabis sales in Colorado in August: 173.2 (Source: Westword)


The estimated number of Pueblo County-based Los Sueños Farms cannabis plants that were lost due to an early storm and freezing temperatures in mid-October: 20,000 (Source: KKTV)


The percentage of women aged 18-44 years old who reported in a University of Denver study that they consumed cannabis daily during pregnancy: 16 (Source: KDVR)

The number of years since Colorado residents cast their votes in favor of Proposition 64, which legalized cannabis in the state: 7 (Source: Politico)

Los Angeles

The number of years that it took for West Hollywood to finalize regulations regarding social consumption licenses before its first cannabis cafe opened: 3 (Source: Forbes) 

The number of medical cannabis dispensaries in West Hollywood that were granted temporary recreational cannabis license extensions during a city council meeting on Oct. 22: 4 (Source: Wehoville)

The estimated number of illegal cannabis dispensaries still operating in unincorporated Los Angeles County: 300 (Source: ABC7)

The amount of money, in millions of dollars, that the state of California is granting to 10 cities and counties to assist with social equity programs: 10 (Source: Bureau of Cannabis Control)


The number of cannabis social club licenses that are now available in the city of Lansing, according to the city council’s recent amendment: 4 (Source: Lansing State Journal)

The number of votes from the Ann Arbor City Council, out of 11, that were cast in favor of regulations allowing recreational cannabis businesses: 9 (Source:


The number of provisioning centers that the Grand Rapids Planning Commission approved on Oct. 10: 2 (Source:


The amount of money, in millions of dollars, that it cost to purchase and improve a warehouse property in Warren, Michigan to be used as a cannabis cultivation and processing center: 42 (Source: Crain’s Detroit Business)


The amount of money, in millions of dollars, that the state of Oregon has collected in recreational cannabis tax revenue since legal sales began in October 2015: 270 (Source: KVAL)

The estimated number of people who showed up in Ontario, Oregon for a Snoop Dogg performance at the grand opening for Hotbox Farms: 12,000 (Source: KGW8)

The number of years that was included in analyzed data for a recent study that examined crime rates in Washington before and after legalization: 20 (Source: Fox28)

The value of cannabis, in thousands of dollars, that was seized by police from an illegal cultivation operation in Island County, Washington in early October: 171 (Source: KIRO7)


The estimated number of cannabis industry leaders who signed a letter asking Congress to deschedule cannabis: 800 (Source: National Cannabis Industry Association)

The percentage of Canadians who said that recreational cannabis had no impact on productivity in the workplace: 75 (Source: Newswire)

The projected amount of money, in billions of dollars, that U.S. cannabis sales are expected to reach by 2023: 30 (Source: New Frontier Data)

The estimated percentage of Australians who support cannabis legalization: 42 (Source: Roy Morgan Research)