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Blueberry Muffins




Available at Valley Health Options in Sacramento.

Blue Dream fans—this is your jam. Valley Health Options serves up dessert all day with this excellent cut of Blueberry Muffins—a cross of Diesel Berry and Super Silver Sour Diesel Haze. We instantly cued in on its light-green leaf, light blond pistils, smooth and dense look, dusty and caked in trichomes, and its smell—an electrifying blueberry. Blueberry Muffins’ genetic mix of Diesel, Floral Line and Haze is what makes it such a great Blue Dream analog. It grounds into a fine white powder and smokes light, grassy and mild, with the aftertaste of a hazy cherry AK. The Diesel and Haze gives it an uppy, focused effect—good for daytime book work and weekend cleaning. Patients vape or smoke hybrid flowers for a wide array in indications including daytime pain, nausea and stress, surveys show.

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