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Birthday TOMI Cake




Available at Strictly Edibles Collective
Good thing every day is not cake day, or we’d never get anything done on this high-dose, 500mg dessert edible. Available throughout the Bay Area, Strictly Edibles’ TOMI Cake comes sealed in an elegant foil pouch, and has a swoon-inducing aroma of buttery, cakey, sweet goodness. The sprinkle-covered white icing encases a healthy puck of angel food cake. The taste of cannabis hangs out in the background of this decadent, delicate, moist, scrumptious treat, which has creamy notes of vanilla and meringue. Patients are eating high-THC edibles to manage severe body and nerve pain, insomnia, PTSD and drug dependence. One dose is 1/50th of this cake, which is lab-tested by Steep Hill for consistency and quality. Wait two hours before taking more, and lock away—it’s indistinguishable from normal food.

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