• Strain of the Week: Legend OG

    The word “legend” is something CULTURE uses frequently to describe the cannabis industry, but to us, using it doesn’t lessen its worth as a description. In our eyes, the advocates who have

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  • Concentrate of the Week: LA Chocolate

    The city of Los Angeles, California was established on April 4, 1850. Less than six months later, California became an official state of the union. It was a time when history was in the

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  • Strain of the Week: Crystal Champagne

    Valentine’s Day—a.k.a. Saint Valentine’s Day (or the Feast of Saint Valentine), the day of love, single’s awareness day, the day after “Galentine’s” day—is here. Show love for your

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  • Strain of the Week: Sour Dubb

    It’s that time of year again. Cupid is loading up his bow and arrow and love will soon fill the air—but love kinda smells like dank around here. Consumers’ love for cannabis knows no bounds,

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  • Strain of the Week: Buddha’s Sister

    The core values of Buddhism revolve around suffering. It’s said that the founder of Buddhism, Siddhartha Gautama, connected suffering to all walks of life while he wandered the world in search

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