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Artist Robert Deyber Intertwines the Class and Quirkiness of Cannabis




Robert Deyber, Your High Horse, Hand Signed Lithograph, 2009, 9.5 x 9 inches

Pop surrealist Robert Deyber is creating art that is inspired by one of the most intriguing plants—cannabis sativa. Deyber’s original art is now on display and available for purchase through Martin+Lawrence Galleries.

Born in Greenwich, Connecticut, Deyber’s perspective in his art is described as whimsical. It depicts happenings in nature that many viewers would not get the chance to observe if not for his creative mind. Taking idiomatic phrases and turning them into beautiful yet bizarre images, Deyver’s art is undoubtedly unique.

Some of his works take quite an interesting angle on cannabis consumption. Deyer’s art strays far from the typical images you’re accustomed to seeing. In two images, people are not the consumers. The consumers are animals. In his hand-signed lithograph entitled High Horse, a beautiful and realistic brown and white stallion has a joint casually hanging from its mouth. With a cannabis plant growing behind the peaceful animal, this work evokes the viewer to ask questions about what exactly is happening in this obscure image. After envisioning Your High Horse, it’s possible to visualize what his High on the Hog painting might look like.

Robert Deyber Greenwich, CT

Deyber’s creative inspiration comes from surrealist artists René Magritte and Salvador Dali. He is also inspired by the 15th Century Rebus Art Form (an ancient device from that used pictures as representations of words or parts of words). This type of language through images has been seen in many cultures of people including the ancient Chinese, Europeans and Egyptians.

The artist’s paintings open a portal of cannabis art that has not otherwise been explored. His ability to demonstrate a tongue-in-cheek humor that isn’t recognized until after the beautiful paintings are thought about beyond the absorption of their beauty is quite special. It’s almost as if he plays a trick on viewers in causing them to consider, “What exactly is going on here?”

Robert Deyber, High on the Hog, Hand Signed Lithograph, 2009, 9.5 x 9 inches

Viewers take a journey down Deyber’s storylines, taking a warm stroll through nature that is complemented by the artist’s choice of color and depiction of light. He delights in using the color palette of the landscape and settings that surround him in his real life. His work pays homage to animals, nature and his own subconscious mind. “I consider each painting a story, with a beginning, middle and an end. There have been paintings which have been in the beginning stages for three years,” Deyber stated in a press release. “This same is true with the middle stage. Eventually, each painting presents itself and draws to a logical conclusion.”