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2019 Girl Scout Cookie Cannabis Pairings




If you were to name a few things that are quintessentially American, what would they be? Some of the things that may come to mind may not be American in a literal sense, but they have been loved, embraced and appropriated by the American culture for way too long to be deemed foreign anymore. Think corn dogs, peanut butter and jelly, gas station beef jerky, slurpees, Walmart, pizza and cannabis to name a few.

But among all of these themes, there is one that represents American traditions above all else—Girl Scout cookies. Even though the Girl Scout is a global phenomenon, the uniformed girls, the cookie flavors and the aromas have all become a part of American culture. Twelve unique cookie flavors return once more this year, and with them come a craving that few people can deny. Over the past few years as cannabis became legal in states such as Colorado, Oregon and Washington, the Girl Scouts took notice. With permission from their parents, they sought to sell those delectable delights to cannabis consumers outside of dispensaries. With even more states added to the lists of those which allow recreational cannabis, you can bet that young women seeking business experience will know to capitalize on consumer’s munchie cravings.

So when you’re faced with the decision of which cookies to buy this year, think about the pairing opportunities available to you with these unique strains:


  • Samoas and Pineapple Express: The coconut dusted, caramel toasted Samoas and the fresh apple, mango, pineapple, pine, and cedar smelling Pineapple Express make a perfect fruity, aromatic blend of tropical goddesses.
  • Do-si-do with Peanut Butter Breath: Peanut Butter Breath is supposed to be the cannabis version of Do-si-do, the peanut butter cookies. The caramel flavors of the cookie is balanced with the minty and citrusy pine flavors of the strain to create a nutty aroma and taste that will leave you with a savory flavor.


  • Savannah smiles lemon cookies with Super Lemon Haze: The lemon cookies with its abundance of powdered sugar and lemony zest greatly compliment this citrusy strain and concoct a tart and delectable combo.


  • Thin Mints with Black Betty: Black Betty’s sweet flavor perfectly balances the menthol in Thin mints. The dark chocolate and the cherry flavor of the strain paired with the chocolate in the cookie make a perfect team and pump up the rich chocolate taste while balancing out the mint.